Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday...

Yesterday was a nice quiet day. J went goose hunting in the morning (still no luck). I cooked a small turkey dinner complete with apple pie. The bird was not my own, but that will come in time. I did peruse through the hatchery catalogs picking out next years home grown turkey. The herbs and the onions and the acorn squash were from our garden. A nice start.

I watched Brave from pixar while the bird was in the oven. Then we rented Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter for later. That was surprisingly good. Go Tim Burton. We don't have tv cable service here (by choice), so we do the best we can with what we can download or stream online. Most days are too busy for tv watching anyway.

Today is black friday. I usually pass on shopping but this year I couldn't help myself. I saw this online and we knew we had to get it. So this morning after breakfast in town with a friend I went to pick it up.
How could anyone resist that mug. This is Rocky (name soon to be changed) and he is a boxer. A scrawny little bit that was dropped of last week at the humane society. He will fit in just fine with our other two boxers. He is goofy and gangly and quite a lover. So, black friday shopping it is. Go local and go for making a difference. They also had some roosters and goats and a $5 adoption fee today only for cats. But I was proud of myself. The chick order will be going in to the hatchery sometime soon and we will likely get a rooster out of that, the goats were sadly all male, and the cats were house cats not barn cats. So, all that helped in the restraint department.

So, I am now going to go out and bond with my newest little pack member while J is goose hunting.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


It's that time of year where you have a 70 degree day of sun followed by a chilly snowy day. Today is the chilly snowy day. I went into town on errands. We still have some of the large trees to finish planting. We need to use the tractor to lift them into the holes they are so big. Wonderful score. I have become a craig's list junkie. Looking  for deals in the farm and garden section. I sent one to my friend Mo yesterday. $3.50 bales of straw. Because of the drought straw has cost as much as hay used to. And it has been hard to find.

J and I also built the new dog pen. It is beautiful. It has a wind break and is larger then it used to be. It will also have a shade structure for the summer. They will be happy and safer. And bonus, it looks great (and could hold several goats really well).

Today was an apple crisp kind of day. And movies. We so rarely get a quiet day of rest. This one is welcome after a busy and productive morning of errands and finishing the fence. I am already dreaming of planting in the spring. But, I should hold on and just soak in this day. Now, back to afternoon snoozing.