Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What a difference a day makes...

Or several. Actually, quite a few.

It's been a while since I've posted. I've been busy working, gearing up for the season and writing a new blog, farmingfortcollins.com. I thought it would be easy writing a couple extra posts a week. Well, those posts are not on our life. They require research and interviews and visits. I love it and it is one step closer to creating a life closer to home.

Early spring snows really greened things up here. The coop is built and the hens are diggin' their new run. While it needs a paint job, it is looking mighty fine. We will also need to build a separation wall inside and add a second door so I can have my garden shed.

The herb garden has sprung up and the strawberry patch is thriving. Walking through the west field we noticed some fruit bush survivors that we thought were goners for sure. A raspberry, a currant and a gooseberry. I will be transplanting them near the strawberry patch so I can keep an eye on them and keep the weeds at bay. That is the plan anyway.

The orchard also made it through its first winter. I was thrilled. The trees bloomed a little later than they would have if we were in town. Good thing, cuz the blooms would not have survived the three big snow storms that hit us.

Those storms brought some odd losses. Many small birds and a baby barn owl didn't make it. We found them in the drive and near the house. We will be building owl houses this summer to provide them better shelter. The new trees we planted as a wind break are also doing well. With the exception of a leaner. Not sure how to correct that little problem.

J and I have been dreaming more of farm life than work life. I suggested we make a list and write down what we want our life to look like. Set some intentions for our future.

I visited home last week. It was beautiful in New England and I went to the ocean for a few days and ate my fill of seafood and wild blueberry everything. My brother gave me six packets of seeds from a seed saver he knows. I am excited to plant them and see how they do. He doesn't garden and has had them for a couple years. Next visit he plans on taking me to their farm.

The dogs had a couple run in's with a bull snake. Unfortunately it made its way into their pen and
caused a ruckus. It didn't make it. My reaction and panic at the sight of a snake is dwindling. I think that is a good thing since I need to live with them. And, they keep the mice population at a minimum.

I am suffering a terrible cold from being run down and traveling. Once I kick it I plan on finishing the planting. Especially a flower garden. I'd like to start a large variety of perennials that I can later transplant in gardens around the house. Once we figure out what we are doing with porch building and driveway relocation.

I had a brilliant idea to use the paper bags from the grocery store as a mulch for paths in the garden, covered with hay to keep the weeds down. The problem with that brilliant idea was that I did not take the wind into account. Half of my paths have blown away. I will have to wait to try again once the plants fill out. Lesson learned.

Off to sweet dreams now. Thinking about the seed packets spread out all over my table.