Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Last weekend I got a little crazy with the juicer. It was awesome, Carrots, beets, oranges and more. Recently I have had some health issues. One of them being horrible stomach aches. Sad to say, I think it is my regression back to being a carnivore after a very long time as a vegetarian. I am in my 40's. I began eating meat again in the last few years. The last year I started eating beef and pork. I had neither since I was 19.

Well, I fell off that wagon hard. When I ate it angels sang. After that it was serious iron induced cravings. Then came the stomach aches. After torturing myself for sometime trying to figure it out I remembered. I quit eating meat so long ago due to....drumroll...meat. So, I went on a little cleanse of all things hoofed and took a big dose of juice and voila - no pain.

While I don't see this experience returning me back to vegetarianism again (I am not such a healthy veg head), it will bring about that lovely concept of moderation.

This experience did have me rethink the garden in a major way. Love love love beets, and kale, and carrots. So, a big juicing section will be necessary, as will a tea garden.

And, what to do with all that veggie mash? Well, the chickens were very pleased with their mid-winter treat of vitamins. I also made the most delish carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (really, is there any other frosting to be had?)

We've also been cooking a lot. For the week making dishes that we can take to work and have each evening. Again, this makes me think of the garden and how we can work this through the winter. And, with our boatload of potatoes and winter squash this year, makes me think we really need to work out a storage area. The laundry room also has the heater and hot water heater. Not very conducive to doing double time as a cold cellar. And, since we don't have a cellar, we are going to have to be innovative this summer to solve the issue.

This past week also brought on what may be a new addition to the farm. Our luck has been lacking in bringing a barn cat to the property. We are at three strikes with that one. Instead, the food I put out for Frankie Blue Eyes, who apparently hasn't been the one eating it, has brought a little black and white beauty to our stead. He/she has been sleeping in the cat house I built. Problem is my over excitable boxers can't help but mess with it. But, it keeps coming back. And the house is probably welcome as it has dipped into the major freeze digits.

And, it is seed catalog week. I went overboard and ordered a lot of catalogs and tool catalogs, hatchery catalogs. Winter dreaming time is hear. I love planning the garden. Not that I am great at sticking to that plan, but I love the process and unlimited possibilities. Tonight I got back to my park and ride for the rest of the ride home from work and there was still sunlight. Not much, but enough to lift that feeling that spring is a million miles away. A lifting of the dark. Love it.

Now, to test those brownies I just pulled out of the oven. That new cookbook is getting a workout here.