Monday, November 11, 2013

Filling the larder...

I saw Joel Salatin speak this past Saturday. He was funny and entertaining and provided a lot of food for thought. Especially relevant for me since some of my stomach issues have returned. A visit with the nutritionist today, and a return to my strict diet for now, has us heading in the right direction. I feel after this, I may become very anti antibiotic. This has been a difficult road back to health. But, an end is in sight. And, it is likely the one motivational means with which to make some seriously needed lifestyle changes.

With that said, I have been preparing some pretty good size meals for J. Lots of things I can't eat right now, which helps me in the not nibbling department. Tomorrow he leaves for a week long camping trip in the Rocky Mountains hunting elk. Last year he came home empty handed. This year, and several shopping trips later, he is well geared and better prepared. He also bought a mini GPS so he doesn't lose the four wheeler again, or himself.

The freezer is almost empty from last years quarter share of beef and the roasted tomatoes I harvested. Which is good. We just put in an order for a half side of pork and if J gets an elk, we will be full until next season. And, that is the point. Joel spoke about the security one feels with a full larder close by. He had a comedic spin to it which I could never do justice, but he was right. Food security is an important part of our life, and one that through convenience and a false sense of access we often overlook.

To add to that bounty, I was able to dig up close to a half bushel of potatoes. Not nearly the three bushels of last year, but enough for J. Potatoes are out for me right now. As is any processed grains, sugar, flour, out of season or sweet fruit and well, basically anything I don't cook myself. This diet was amazing for the two months I was on it. I felt better than I ever have. Unfortunately, the issues we were fixing weren't quite fixed, and it looks like there are probably a couple more. All fixable though. And the way I feel eating whole foods, well, I hope to make this a permanent change.

While I've got the crock pot going and another pot cooling on the stove, I'm going to sneak in some reading time snuggled up with the dogs. I should be vacuuming or doing some other long overdue domestic chore, but those can wait until later in the afternoon. I have a day off darn it. And I'm using it! Michael Pollan here I come.

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